Our Mission Statement


In spirit, mind, and body, with all that we have, we shall seek, learn, teach and live God’s word and principles by assembling together to become, to give of ourselves and to worship the Lord our God, as a free-willed, governed body of people. In faith, we will pursue the truth as a way to restore God’s principles to the earth and hasten Christ’s return.

We must encourage, generate and present creativity; assist in the development of God’s people and administer all assets entrusted to us, both spiritual and temporal. In order to further the Word of God, we, as good stewards, will house, uphold, and serve those who boldly proclaim and minister a living word given by the Holy Spirit. We shall also preserve, publish, and distribute the works thus created.

We will endeavor to seek out those who cry out to know, hear and understand the voice of the Lord, and provide a nurturing haven for them. And with all of this, we shall promote fulfilling, honest and loving family relationships by holding Christ’s Lordship at the center of our families, friendships and activities, daily living and walking in the abundant life contained in the Word and its principles.

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